Sunday, 1 June 2008

My Work Of Art

Self Portrait with a Coca-cola
Acrylic On Board

This was my experiment of new style. I used to paint things exactly how I see it. One of my tutors and our technician said, yes I can draw nice drawings, but you can see it is made by someone "young". Then I moved from creating realistic paintings to more loose kind of painting. You can see in this painting I did not just use paint, I also used the Coca-Cola label from the bottle as collage.

The main reason I am "proud" of this painting is because another student copied this technique. It can be seen clearly that this student was copying. Well...It is not the first time. I can proof many of this person's works are based on me. I even can make the student looks bad.. But...naaah~

Inspiration barely come to that person’s mind but the credits goes to ‘YOU’. Never forget to thank the people around ‘YOU’.

"What do you have? none?".

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